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Promote your brand with In Home Marketing!

In Home Marketing allows you to engage with customers directly in their own homes. Such direct marketing techniques allow consumers to test and interact with your product with an unrivalled engagement level. By using target customers for product testing, your branding is immediately established and customer satisfaction can be easily gauged.

In Home Marketing services, give you immense market insight and delivers the ultimate brand experience.


How it works

We at Black Box Australia, have a database of keen customers wanting to try your products. Through marketing segmentation, we can clearly establish your target market to ensure your products are placed with your ideal consumer.

Black Box organises campaigns for cost effective brand marketing and product advertisement, allowing you to get your product samples straight into the homes and workplaces of consumers. Consumers are more likely to repurchase a product if they have been able to sample, try and consume it in their homes where they feel most comfortable.

Campaigns are delivered to your target consumer through direct mail marketing. The campaign is focused on generating product reviews, brand content, conversation, recommendations, competitions, activation's and re-purchasing.

The extensive customer feedback and content capture is then presented back to you, giving you a tool for market analysis, as well as to evaluate customer insights, satisfaction and return on investment.


Why it works

We use a form of targeted mass marketing that allows consumers to truly understand your product and your brand identity.

Through activation's, messages, reviews and content generated by members throughout the campaign, brand loyalty is established early in the product testing stage.

This customer loyalty is why we achieve such a high hit rate on repurchasing. Not only is Black Box a great choice for product marketing and advertisement ideas, but immediate qualitative and quantitative feedback is provided to further your brand strategy. Thus target marketing means no consumer opt out, more sales and more profit!